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Health Careers Education
Dental Lab Capstone
This course provides students an opportunity to apply their accumulated knowledge of either denture or crown & bridge. If the student displays progress in technical and professional concepts the student will be placed in an internship site, an actual lab, and work alongside other technicians. However, if the student displays the need for further application of technical and professional concepts, the student may work alone or in two-member teams to solve a problem in a project oriented environment. Whether students partake in the internship or capstone option, the course is designed to finalize their training, gauge their ability to work in real-world settings and to report their experiences in oral, written, and presentable format (poster, PowerPoint, etc.).
Lara Skaggs

1. Apply technical knowledge and skills in a dental lab setting.

2. Apply employability skills in a dental lab setting.

3. Develop attributes requested by laboratory employees.

4. Demonstrate necessary steps for professional employment.

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