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Health Careers Education
Ethics and Law in the Radiologic Sciences
Content is designed to provide a fundamental background in ethics. The historical and philosophical basis of ethics, as well as the elements of ethical behavior are discussed. The student will examine a variety of ethical issues and dilemmas found in clinical practice. An introduction to legal terminology, concepts, and principles will also be presented. Topics include misconduct, malpractice, legal and professional standards and the ASRT scope of practice. The importance of proper documentation and informed consent is emphasized.
Lara Skaggs
-Describe the practice standards for radiography, the elements that comprise it and the responsibilities of the radiographer.
-Differentiate between professional and legal standards and describe how each relates to the radiography profession.
-Describe institutional and professional liability protection typically available to the radiographer.
-Describe how consent forms are used relative to specific radiographic procedures.

Registered Radiological Technologist -

ARRT Core Curriculum Guide

Towsley-Cook, Doreen M.;
Young, Terese A.. Ethical & Legal Issues for Imaging Professionals. 978-0-323-04599-5. Philadelphia, Elsevier Publishing, 2007.

Radiologic Sciences Patient Care, 4th Ed
by A. Adler and R. Carlton

Registered Radiological Technologist - ARRT

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