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Health Careers Education
Feeding Assistant
This course is designed to ensure that students have a basic understanding of the nutritional needs of the residents, communication and interactions involving the residents and facility staff, behavior challenges and safety procedures of the long term care facility in which they are employed.
Lara Skaggs

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to demonstrate:

-Feeding techniques
-Assistance with feeding and hydration
-Communication and interpersonal skills
-Appropriate responses to resident behavior
-Safety and emergency procedures, including the Heimlich maneuver
-Proper handwashing
-Infection control
-Resident rights
-Recognizing changes in residents that are inconsistent with the norm and the importance of reporting changes to the nurse
-Characteristics of the population, such as the population members' physical, social and mental health needs, and specific medications or treatments needed by the residents
-Program services needed by the residents
-Meeting the needs of persons with a dual diagnosis (co-occurrence of mental health disorders and alcohol and/or drug dependence or abuse), and maintaining or increasing his or her social participation at meal times.
-Use critical thinking activiites to provide safe care during meal times.
-Demonstrate skills needed to assist residents during meal times.

Assisted Dining: The Role and Skills of Feeding Assistants, published by the American Health Care Association, latest edition.

Eating Matters: A Training Manual for Feeding Assistants, published by the American Dietetic Association, latest edition.

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