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Health Careers Education
Fundamentals of Nursing
This course is an introduction to nursing care. Topics include utilizing the nursing process, performing assessment/data collection, and providing patient education. Principles and skills of nursing practice, documentation, and an introduction to physical assessment/data collection are taught. Special topics covering the care of the geriatric patient, the dying patient, the oncology patient, the pre/post operative patient, and the management of pain are included in the course. Emphasis will be placed on developing critical thinking skills, demonstrating professionalism by maintaining confidentiality, recognizing legal/ethical responsibilities, acting as a patient advocate, maintaining positive patient/colleague relationships, and by implementing appropriate standards of care.
Cindy Schneider
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-Utilize the nursing process to gather data regarding patient's medical status.
-Analyze data related to patient's medical status.
-Utilize the nursing process to contribute to the patient's plan of care.
-Utilize the nursing process when making decisions related to patient care.
-Utilize the nursing process to safely demonstrate nursing skills needed to promote patient wellness.
-Utilize the nursing process to evaluate patient's responses to nursing actions.
-Discuss documentation guidelines.
-Perform aspects of the patient's complete physical examination.
-Use correct aseptic or sterile techniques.
-Identify safety issues related to patient care.
-Provide wound care in a variety of patient situations.
-Implement nursing actions to prevent complications of immobility.
-Provide nursing care for the patient before, during and after a therapeutic procedure and/or surgery.
-Identify nursing care needed for the dying patient.
-Explain nursing care needed for the geriatric patient.
-Discuss nursing care for the patient in pain.
-Demonstrate techniques for obtaining specimens needed for diagnostic testing.
-Provide pre-operative, intraoperative, and postoperative care.

Licensed Practical Nurse - OBN

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