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Health Careers Education
General Dental Laboratory Techniques
In this course, students learn the specific dental terminology needed for the Dental Laboaratory Technician. Students also learn about dental materials, tooth morphology, oral anatomy and occlusion and gain competency in competent in general laboratory techniques. The course also includes information about aspects of the development and technical description of adult human teeth.
Lara Skaggs
Program Manager
405 743 5106
1.Define dental terms.
2. Describe dental materials, tooth morphology, oral anatomy and occlusion.
3. Demonstrate competency in general laboratory techniques including:
-Evaluating preliminary and final impressions
-Preparing and evaluating casts
-Fabricating custom impression trays
-Articulating casts, using non-adjustable and semi-adjustable articulators
-Developing functional occlusion on articulated casts.
4. Analyze groups of teeth.
5. Analyze the surfaces of teeth.
6.Differentiate the structures of adult human teeth.
7. Explain development and landmarks of teeth.
8. Adhere to OSHA's hazardous communication standards.
9. Transcribe work authorizations.
10. Adhere to infection control practices in the dental laboratory.
National Board for Certification in Dental Lab Technology

Amerian Dental Association Standards

"LAP Book" - Learning
Activity Packets (LAP) Book, Moore Norman Technology Center

Dental Laboratory Technology Dental Anatomy

Dental Terminology

Suggested Texts and Supplements

Laboratory Technology Dental Anatomy," University of North Carolina

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