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Imaging Equipment
Content is designed to establish a knowledge base in radiographic, fluoroscopic, mobile and tomographic equipment requirements and design. The content also provides a basic knowledge of quality control.
Lara Skaggs
-Define potential difference, current and resistance.
-Describe the characteristics of direct and alternating currents.
-Describe electrical protective devices.
-Identify the general components and functions of the tube and filament circuits.
-Identify the function of solid-state rectification.
-Compare generators in terms of radiation produced and efficiency.
-Discuss permanent installation of radiographic equipment in terms of purpose, components, types and applications.
-Operate various types of permanently installed radiographic equipment.
-Discuss mobile units in terms of purpose, components, types and applications.
-Operate various types of mobile unit radiographic equipment.
-Discuss the application of automatic exposure control (AEC) devices.
-Identify the components of diagnostic x-ray tubes.
-Explain protocols used to extend x-ray tube life.
-Explain image-intensified and digital fluoroscopy.
-Discuss gain and conversion factors as they relate to image intensification.
-Discuss conventional and digital fluoroscopic image formation.
-Indicate the purpose, construction, and application of video camera tubes, TV monitors, and video recorders.
-Identify fluoroscopic recording equipment.
-Explain the purpose, principles and application of linear tomography.
-Differentiate between quality improvement/management, quality assurance, and quality control.
-List the benefits of a quality management program to the patient and the department.
-List elements of a quality management program and discuss how each is related to the quality management program.
-Discuss the proper test equipment/procedures for evaluating the operation of an x-ray generator.
-Evaluate the performance of an x-ray generator.

Registered Radiological Technologist -

ARRT Radiography Core Curriculum

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Registered Radiological Technologist - ARRT

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