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Health Careers Education
Introduction to Medical Office Clinical Procedures (Part 1)
This course is designed to introduce, prepare, and ensure student competency in clinical skills required at an entry level position for a medical assistant. Students learn to obtain patient histories and vital signs, assist with minor office procedures, patient assessment and education along with various other techniques involving assisting a physician with in the parameters of a medical office.
Lara Skaggs
Program Manager
405 743 5106
1. Assess, interview, and obtain patient medical history.
2. Obtain, measure, and document patient anthropometric measurement and vital signs.
3. Identify and assemble supplies needed for routine physical examination.
4. Assist physician during physical examination.
5. Identify medical instruments.
6. Assemble instruments for special procedures.
7. Assist in the implementation of procedures as directed by physician.
9. Demonstrate written and verbal ability to establish and deliver appropriate patient education.
10. Discuss nutrition and exercise program with a variety of patients.
11. Explain how to perform monthly self breast exams and testicular exams.
Medical Assistant Standards (CTTC)

Registered Medical Assistant (AMT)
Medical Assistant Standards (CTTC)

-- aligns with AMT Registered Medical Assistant

Registered Medical Assistant (AMT)

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