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Health Careers Education
Introduction to Physical Therapy Assisting
This course will present the purpose, philosophy and history of physical therapy and its relationship to other health care delivery systems. The student will be able to delineate the roles of physical therapy personnel, identify requirements for medical communication and documentation and be made aware of the medical-legal aspects including professional ethics.
Lara Skaggs
Program Manager
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General Requirements include English Composition I and II, American Government and Politics, Math or College Algebra, and US History.
At the end of this course the student will be able to;

-Describe the history of the physical therapy profession and its relationship with otherhealth agencies.
-Explain professional ethics as stated in the code of ethics for the physical therapist assistant and demonstrate ethical behavior in the clinical setting.
-Identify levels of authority in the physical therapy practice.
-Compare and contrast responsibilities of physical therapist, physical therapy assistant and physical therapy aide in Physical Therapy.
-Identify the role and responsibilities of the physical therapist assistant.
-Demonstrate an understanding of the adaptation of institutional policies and procedures to the physical therapy practice settings.
-Identify the legal aspects involved in physical therapist assisting.
-Describe the Oklahoma state law governing the practice of Physical Therapy.
-Discuss importance of quality assurance and describe two methods by which it is achieved.
-Describe the problem oriented method of record keeping and demonstrate S.O.A.P. format of note writing.
-Develop communication skills utilizing teaching and learning methods.
-Apply psychosocial principles in self-understanding and in the development of communication with patients, families, the public and other health team members.
-Discuss the stages of dying and their effect on communicating with the terminally ill patient.

Physical Therapy Assistant - FSBPT
Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy
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Physical Therapy Assistant - FSBPT

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