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Health Careers Education
Lower Limb Orthotics
The student will demonstrate competencies in the development and manufacture of foot orthosis, ankle-foot orthosis, knee-ankle-foot orthosis and orthotic shoe modifications. Various materials and procedures will be used in the design of each project.
Lara Skaggs
Program Manager
405 743 5106
Orthotics and Prosthetics Equipment and Materials or evaluation by Instructor.
-Identify skeletal structures, joint structures and bones of the foot, and the movements that occur at all joints in the lower limb.

-Fabricate a custom molded foot orthosis.

-Fabricate orthotic build-ups and wedges on a pair of patients's shoes.

-Delineate fabrication parameters for a metal ankle-foot orthosis.

-Form a stirrup to a patient's shoe according to orthometry specifications.

-Fabricate a metal-knee-ankle-foot orthosis, including all leather components.

-Lay out and correct a patient's tracing and delineate fabrication parameters for a metal knee-ankle-foot orthosis.

-Fabricate a metal knee-ankle-foot orthosis, including all leather componenets.

-Fabricate a UCBL foot orthosis made of thermoplastic material.

-Fabricate a bi-valved thermoplastic ankle-foot orthosis.

-Fabricate an artiulating plastic ankle-foot orthosis made of co-polymer material.

-Fabricate an articulating plastic ankle-foot orthosis made of thermoplastic material.

-Fabricate a plastic knee-ankle-foot orthosis made of thermoplastic material.

-Adjust thermal plastic AFO.

-Repair Upright on Metal AFO.

-Study fabrication of hip joint and placement on HKAFO.
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