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Health Careers Education
Master Student
This course is designed to provide adult students the foundation needed for success in school while preparing for certification or licensure in the chosen healthcare field. Topics of instruction include time management, resource management, study techniques, test taking skills, communication, cultural diversity, ethics and professionalism.
Lara Skaggs
- Discuss money management.
- Plan a monthly and long term budget.
- Discuss time management.
- Apply time management skills.
- Discuss memory improvement.
- Discuss reading more effectively.
- Discuss note taking during class and while reading.
- Discuss ethical behavior.
- Practice summarizing a paragraph.
- Discuss study strategies and test taking tips.
- Discuss communication, including listening and writing.
- Discuss cultural diversity.
- Discuss planning for the future.
- Explore websites to gain a better understanding of diversity.
- Discuss school resources.
- Discuss critical thinking and problem solving techniques.
- Discuss "College Connection" (college credit).
- Discuss professionalism and the role of the student.
- Define professionalism.
- Write a paragraph on professionalism as it pertains to your area of study.
- Summarize each presenter's presentation.
- Participate in specific program orientation.

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(Detailed list of linked articles available on request)

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