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Health Careers Education
Medical Informatics
The student will gain an understanding of the automated medical office by using a computerized medical office package. Included in this software package are billing, charge slips, scheduling, insurance form preparation and patient data storage. The student will demonstrate familiarity with methods and techniques used in literary research for medical professionals. The student will further be exposed to advanced Internet research.
Lara Skaggs
-Describe what computers can do to improve efficiency in the medical office.

-Develop a database billing process with codes for the following: ICD-9 codes, CPT codes, patient payments, referring providers facilities, insurance companies, place of service and type of service.

-Edit patient options, insurance files, and transactions using a computerized medical system.

-Complete the patient registration form for day sheet management.

-Complete a daily appointment schedule for a medical office.

-List the components of billing and collection policies.

-Describe how to process insurance claim forms electronically.

-Identify the proper management of electronic statements for billing.

-Properly send an e-mail.

-Describe & demonstrate how to download a program from the Internet.

-Describe how to install a program that was downloaded from the Internet.

-Complete an Internet search for specific medical topics.

-Access medical databases to obtain information needed in a medical clinic.

-Demonstrate the proper use of medical storage devices.

-Demonstrate how to properly scan and save a document and insert it into a word document.

-Demonstrate proper documention in an electronic medical record.

Medical Assistant Standards (CTTC)

Registered Medical Assistant (AMT)

Medical Assistant Standards (CTTC)

-- aligns with AMT Registered Medical Assistant

Registered Medical Assistant (AMT)

American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA)
Atkinson, P and Miller, D. Medical Office Practice, 7th Edition (2004) Delmar, ISBN: 1401813987.

Eichenwald Maki, S and Petterson, B. Introduction to Electronic Health Records (2008) Delmar, ISBN: 1418049883

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