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Health Careers Education
Mental Health Aide
This course is designed to familiarize the student with the principles and basic concepts of mental health. Mental health is an area involving a wide range of development stages with a variety of concepts, disorders and treatment modalities. The course curriculum will provide a foundation for mental health from the historical beginnings to modern techniques.
Lara Skaggs

1. Discuss mental health care past and present.

2. Describe normal growth and development.

3. Define anxiety disorders.

4. Summarize communication and trust-building skills.

5. Discuss safety in the mental health environment.

6. Discuss patient care in the mental health environment.

7. Describe chemical dependency disorders.

8. Describe common psychiatric disorders.

9. Define developmental disorders affecting children and adults.

10. Define Alzheimer's disease and other dementias.

11. Define mental retardation and other develpmental anomalies.

12. Define assaultive and other unsafe behaviors.

13. Document patient status.

14. List and discuss patients' rights.

15. Students will demonstrate proficient use of skills in a clinical setting.

The Mental Health Worker: Psychiatric Aide, 2007, Marshburn, B., Cox-Stevens, K. Thomson Delmar Learning
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