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Health Careers Education
Mental Health Nursing
This course presents an introduction to Mental Health Nursing with a focus on the role of the practical nurse. The course begins with universal concepts needed in the care of clients experiencing a mental health alteration. An understanding of the health care needs of clients experiencing common mental health alterations is then built upon this foundation. The course concludes with mental health issues, as well as care needs, that frequently challenge the elderly.
Cindy Schneider
405 743 5105
Mental Health(Objectives for clinical rotations must be taught before clinical rotations)
1.Participate in the management of the therapeutic environment.
2. Utilize therapeutic communication skills at a beginning level.
3. Discuss the role of the practical nurse in psychopharmacology.
4. Utilize developed care plans to provide care for clients experiencing a variety of common mental health alterations.
5. Provide practical nursing care for the client experiencing a mental health alteration commonly found in the elderly
Licensed Practical Nurse - OBN
Practical Nursing Series - CIMC
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