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Health Careers Education
Microbiology and Wound Healing
This course is designed to provide the student with a basic background in microbiology. This course will provide a better understanding of the relationship between microorganisms and the maintenance of health and/or the prevention of disease. The course of study includes a general introduction to microbiology, infection/immunology and wound healing.
Cindy Schneider
1. Correlate the impact of microbiology in relationship to the practice of sterile technique and
infection control in the operative setting.
2. Identify the name and function of various parts of the compound microscope.
3. Compare and contrast the structure and characteristics of different microorganisms.
4. Analyze the various immune responses that occur in the body as defenses against invasion by
5. Relate the infectious process to surgical practice.
6. Compare and contrast intentional unintentional and incidental/chronic wounds.
7. Analyze the mechanisms of wound healing, the inflammatory process, and the healing
8. Evaluate the classification of surgical wounds, analyze factors that influence healing, and
devise a plan to prevent postoperative wound infections.
9. Demonstrate basic wound care concepts and apply the principles of asepsis to the practice
of sterile technique.
10. Describe tissue replacement materials
11. Demonstrate knowledge of biological wound cover materials.
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