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Health Careers Education
Occupational Therapy Aide
This course will include the framework for all Occupational Therapy Aide courses.
Lara Skaggs
All of these courses are within the Occupational Therapy Aide Career Major framework. Use this course development guide as a tool for completion
of the Occupational Therapy Aide Career Major. Prior to beginning this Career Major, the student must complete the Core Curriculum, Core Medical Terminology
and Anatomy and Physiology, Core First Aid and Healthcare Provider CPR.


This course introduces the field of occupational therapy. The student will learn the history of the profession, the professionals associated with
occupational therapy, the common employment settings of occupational therapy and the types of patients who come to occupational therapy.


This course is designed to prepare students to perform clerical duties in the occupational therapy profession.


The student will learn communication skills specific to the occupational therapy environment.


Students will discuss licensure and certification for occupational therapy
professionals and legal/ethical issues in occupational therapy.


This course prepares the occupational therapy aide to assist with occupational therapy agents and modalities.


This course prepares the occupational therapy aide to assist patients in performing therapeutic exercises. Exercise plans will be practiced in
the laboratory setting.


Students will practice as an Occupational Therapy Aide in a clinical setting with other rehabilitative professionals. Under the direction of a COTA
or OT, students will assist professionals in patient care and restoration of activities of daily living.
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