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Health Careers Education
Orientation to the Pharmacy Technician Career
Students will enroll in the Pharmacy Technician Program by filling out all required enrollment forms. The pharmacy industry and general rules pertaining to school, classroom and labs will be covered. Safety in the workplace and healthy work habits are emphasized throughout the year.
Lara Skaggs
A. Complete Administrative Forms and Requirements for Enrollment.

1. Complete forms pertaining to enrollment.

2. Demonstrate knowledge necessary to receive school certificate.

3. Discuss district, school and class policies and procedures.

4. Complete required math test.

5. Complete required reading test.

6. Discuss grading criteria.

7. Explain ethics regulations for computers and software.

B. Participate in Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA).

1. Discuss the purpose of HOSA.

2. Participate in business-type meetings.

3. List characteristics and responsibilities of leaders and effective group members.

4. Participate in HOSA activities.

5. Discuss citizenship.

6. Participate in a service project.

C. Practice General Safety.

1. List personal safety rules.

2. Discuss accident prevention.

3. Discuss types and location of fire extinguishers.

4. Demonstrate office safety.

5. Discuss the importance of ergonomics in the work place.

6. Apply infection control procedures including standard precautions

7. Compare the different methods of controlling the growth of microorganisms

8. Apply personal safety procedures based on Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and Center for Disease Control (CDC) regulations.

9. Apply proper use of personal protective equipment (PPE).

10. Apply principles of body mechanics and ergonomics.

11. Evaluate the environment to recognize safe and unsafe working conditions.

12. Demonstrate methods of fire prevention in the healthcare setting.

13 Understand proper safety techniques to prevent accidents and to maintain a safe work environment.

D. Identify the Duties of a Pharmacy Technician.

1. Describe the functions that a technician may perform.

2. Describe the functions that a technician may not perform.

3. Describe confidentiality in the practice of pharmacy.

4. Describe the general layout of a pharmacy department.

5. Describe the federal and state agencies and regulations affecting pharmacy.

6. Describe the role of the state board of pharmacy.

7. Demonstrate basic computer skills necessary for a pharmacy technician.

E. Common Safety Hazards

9. Recognize Materials Safety Data Sheets (MSDS).

10. Comply with safety signs, symbols, and labels.

11. Understand implications of hazardous materials.

12. Apply safety principles within given environments.

F. Emergency Procedures and Protocols

13. Explain an evacuation plan for a healthcare setting.

14. Execute an emergency plan in response to a natural disaster or other emergency.

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--aligns with Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam (PCTE)

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