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Health Careers Education
Pathology in Massage Therapy
In this course, the student will discuss the indications and contraindications of massage therapy on pathology of a variety of human systems. The student will also learn basic principles of Eastern and Western medicine, alternative therapies and pharmacology.
Lara Skaggs
1.Identify indications and contraindications of massage therapy on the following systems:
-Integumentary system
-Musculoskeletal system
-Neurological system
-Gastrointestinal system
-Sensory system
-Immune system
-Cardiovascular system
-Respiratory system
-Genitourinary system
2. Identify etiology of disease.
3. Identify modes of contagious disease transmission (e.g., blood, saliva)
4. Identify signs and symptoms of disease
5. Discuss psychological and emotional states (e.g., depression,anxiety, grief)
6. Discuss effects of life stages (e.g., childhood, adolescence, geriatric) on disease.
7. Discuss common effects of physical and emotional abuse and trauma
8. Identify factors that aggravate or alleviate disease (e.g., biological,psychological, environmental)
9. Identify factors that promote the physiological healing process
10. Discuss principles of acute versus chronic conditions
11. Identify stages/aspects of serious/terminal illness (e.g., cancer, AIDS)
12. Discuss basic principles of pharmacology including:
-Prescription medications
-Recreational drugs (e.g., tobacco, alcohol)
-Natural supplements
13. Discuss approaches used in Western medicine by other health professionals.
14. Discuss approaches used in Asian medicine by other health professionals.

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