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Health Careers Education
Pharmacology and Drug Administration
Content is designed to provide basic concepts of pharmacology. The theory and practice of basic techniques of venipuncture and administration of diagnostic contrast agents an/or intravenous medications is included. The appropriate delivery of patient care during these procedures in emphasized.
Lara Skaggs
-Distinguish between the chemical, generic, and trade names for select drugs.
-Describe pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic principles of drugs.
-Classify drugs according to specific categories.
-Explain the actions, uses, and side effects for select drugs.
-Explain the effects of select drugs on medical imaging procedures.
-Define the categories of contrast agents and give specific examples for each category.
-Explain the pharmacology of barium and iodine compounds.
-Describe methods and techniques for administering various types of contrast agents.
-Identify and describe the routes of drug administration.
-Discuss the purposes and advantages of intravenous drug administration over other routes.
-Differentiate between the two major sites of intravenous drug administration.
-Identify, describe, and document complications associated with intravenous drug therapy, and appropriate actions to resolve these
-Discuss the various elements of initiating and discontinuing intravenous drug therapy.
-Differentiate and document dose calculations for adult and pediatric patients.
-Prepare for injection of contrast agents/intravenous medications using aseptic techniques.
-Explain the current legal and ethical status of the radiographer's role in drug administration.
-Explain a radiographer's professional liability concerning drug administration.

Registered Radiological Technologist -

ARRT Radiography Core Curriculum

Torres, Lillian S.;
Linn-Watson Norcutt, TerriAnn; Dutton, Andrea Gullian. Basic Medical
Techniques and Patient Care in Imaging Technology. 0-7817-3191-7. Majors

Radiologic Sciences Patient Care, 4th Ed
by Adler and Carlson

Registered Radiological Technologist - ARRT

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