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Health Careers Education
Pharmacology and Intravenous Therapy Skills
This course provides instruction in basic pharmacology that is needed for safe and effective medication administration.Skills includes medication administration as well as IV therapy. Fluid and electrolyte balance will be included Content includes components of medication preparation and administration including the essential knowledge needed to adequately contribute to the assessment and evaluation of the effect of medication on clients throughout the lifespan
Cindy Schneider
Nursing Concepts
Anatomy and Physiology
Nursing Fundamentals

-Calculate medication dosages accurately.
-Gather information about general classifications of medications.
-Discuss legal and ethical issues related to medication administration.
-Develop competencies in the safe and efficient administration of medications.
-Demonstrate appropriate documentation of medication.
-Apply the nursing process to patients requiring medications.
-Reinforce teaching about prescribed medication.
-Review patients lab work, vital signs, and fluid and electrolyte balance.

-Demonstrate the ability to initiate and maintain IV therapy.

Licensed Practical Nurse - OBN

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