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Health Careers Education
Pharmacy Technician Internship
This course provides students with work-based learning experiences. Students will practice under the supervision of a pharmacist or simulate the clinical experience in a laboratory setting.
Lara Skaggs
The following tasks may be performed as part of the Pharmacy Technician Internship:

-Retrieve prescriptions or files as necessary

-Clerical tasks such as data entry, typing labels and maintaining patient profiles

-Secretarial tasks such as telephoning, filing, and typing

-Accounting tasks such as record keeping, maintaining accounts receivables, third party billing and posting

-Inventory control tasks including monitoring, pricing, dating, invoicing, stocking pharmacy, and preparation of purchase orders

-Help maintain a clean and orderly pharmacy

The following tasks may be performed under the supervision of a pharmacist in a Clinical Training Internship:

-Count and/or pour medications

-Prepackage (e.g. unit dose) and properly label medications

-Affix the prescription label to the proper container

-Affix auxiliary labels to the container as directed by the pharmacist

-Reconstitution of medications (i.e. liquid antibiotics)

-Bulk compounding, including such items as non-sterile topical compounds, sterile bulk solutions for small volume injectables, sterile irrigation solutions and products prepared in relatively large volume for internal or external use

-Functions involving reconstitution of single dose units of parenteral products that are to be administered to a given patient as a unit, and functions involving the addition of one manufacturer's prepared unit (whole or in part) to another manufacturer's prepared unit if the unit is to be administered as one dose to a patient

-Any duties auxiliary personnel are allowed to perform

-Assist the pharmacist in the annual CDS inventory

Pharmacy Technician - CTTC

--aligns with Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam (PCTE)

Pharmacy Technician - PTCB

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