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Health Careers Education
Phlebotomy Practicum
This externship is designed to provide students with hands-on experience in a clinical, physician's office or laboratory setting. Students are required to complete the full 120 hours in order to receive credit for the course.
Cindy Schneider
-Label blood bank specimens according to American Association of Blood Bank (AABB) standards.
-Properly collect, label, transport and handle specimens following time, temperature and light requirements.
-Properly collect and handle specimens for blood cultures.
-Select proper station for specimen delivery.
-Process specimens for shipping.
-Instruct patient in the collection of urine and other specimens.
-Properly store specimens following time, temperature and light requirements.
-Process specimen using established facility procedures.
-Collect and properly handle specimen for therapeutic phlebotomy.
-Recognize common problems (hematoma, special pts, indwelling lines and adverse donor reactions)
-Collect and handle units for transfusion.
-Perform 20- 200 venipunctures while in clinical rotation.
-Perform 25 capillary sticks while in clinical rotation.

Registered Phlebotomy Technician - AMT
Registered Phlebotomy Technician - AMT
Hoeltke, LB. The Complete Textbook of Phlebotomy (2006) Delmar ISBN: 1418010537.

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