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Phlebotomy Specimen Collection & Processing
The phlebotomist must be able to recognize appropriate methods for analyzing specimens. In this course, the student will learn these methods in collecting and processing the specimen to be analyzed.
Cindy Schneider
Obtain Blood Samples

-Identify correct patient properly.
-Select appropriate containers for specimens and utilize requirements for container identification.
-Recognize anatomical and physiological aspects of blood collection.
-Prepare patient for various tests.
-Select proper collection site.
-Select appropriate collection system.
-Perform collection.
-Collect specimen in proper draw sequence.
-Provide proper post-care of puncture sites.
-Handle blood samples to maintain specimen integrity.
-Label blood bank specimens according to AABB standards

Perform Specimen Collection and Processing

-Properly collect, label, transport, and handle specimens following time, temperature, and light requirements.
-Properly collect and handle specimen for blood culture.
-Select proper station for specimen delivery.
-Process specimens for shipping.
-Instruct patient in the collection of urine specimens.
-Instruct patient in the collection of other specimens.
-Properly store specimens following time, temperature, and light requirements.
-Process specimen using established facility procedures.
-Collect and properly handle specimen for therapeutic phlebotomy.
-Recognize common problems.
-Collect and handle units for transfusion.

Organize Work Assignments and Use Time Management Techniques

-Read physician orders and requisitions.
-Set priorities for specimen collection.
-Coordinate and schedule time intervals for tolerance tests.
-Coordinate and schedule time intervals for drugs-dependent tests.
-Record workload on daily, weekly and monthly basis.
-Refer problems to supervisor.
-Perform 20-200 venipunctures while in clinical rotation.(As determined by facility and/or accreditation requirements)

-Perform 25 capillary sticks while in clinical rotation.

Registered Phlebotomy Technician - AMT

Registered Phlebotomy Technician - AMT
Hoeltke, LB. The Complete Textbook of Phlebotomy (2006) Delmar ISBN: 1418010537.

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