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Health Careers Education
Physical Therapy Aide
This course is a summary of the Physical Therapy Aide Framework
Lara Skaggs
All of these courses are within the Physical Therapy Aide Career Major framework. Use this course development guide as a tool for completion of the Physical Therapy Aide Career Major.


This course will provide the student with a history of physical therapy. The course will present this occupation in the context of the
rehabilitation team and emphasize how the contribution of the Physical Therapy Aide benefits the care of patients. The course explores the job
opprtunities that are available.


This course is designed to prepare students to perform clerical skills and duties in the physical therapy profession. Students will practice
office management procedures for the physical therapy office.


Students will discuss licensure and certification for physical therapy professionals and legal/ethical issues in physical therapy.


This course teaches the physical therapy aide basic skills needed to prepare a patient for treatment. Students will learn and skillfully perform a
variety of transfer techniques frequently used in the clinical setting.


This course prepares the physical therapy aide to assist with ambulation and gait training. Students learn safe practices while demonstrating
competency in ambulating the client.


This course prepares the physical therapy aide to assist patients in performing therapeutic exercises. Students learn the proper techniques
needed for client safety and comfort.


This course prepares the physical therapy aide to assist with physical therapy agents and modalities. Students will learn to prepare, use and
clean the facilities for optimal modality use.


Students will practice skills performed by the physical therapy aide in the rehabilitative clinical environment. All student activities will be
monitored by a Physical Therapist or Physical Therapy Assistant.
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