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Health Careers Education
Preparation for Patient Care in Physical Therapy
This course teaches the physical therapy aide basic skills needed to prepare a patient for treatment. Students will learn and skillfully perform a variety of transfer techniques frequently used in the clinical setting.
Lara Skaggs
-List and explain fundamental components to providing care to patients undergoing physical therapy modalities.
-Describe the role body mechanics play sin physical therapy.
-Explain the purpose of patient preparation and identify the physical therapy aide's role in preparing the patient for physical therapy treatments.
-Identify different types of transfers.
-Explain an assisted wheelchair to parallel bar transfer.
-Describe a modified standing transfer.
-Discuss the physical therapy aide's role in a one-person transfer from the floor to the wheelchair.
-Discuss the following transfers:
-Standing toilet
-Standing car
-Bathtub transfer
-Sliding Board transfer
-Swing transfer
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