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Health Careers Education
Project SEARCH Employability Skills
This course teaches Project SEARCH interns the important and critical employability skills essential for success on the job. This course is woven throughout the length of the school year as the students, on a daily basis, meet together as a class before and after their various job site rotations and during the "pull back" periods between job rotations.
Bill Allen, 717-4333
Problem solving
Working as part of a team
Working individually
Decision making as it pertains to work issues
Reporting to a supervisor
Following directions
Following through with and completing assignments
Communicating with co-workers - what's appropriate and what's not
Communicating with your supervisor
Continual assessment from the assigned job coach through one-on-one discussions or through class discussions
Written assignments and tests
Mercy Hospital employability standards
National Project SEARCH curriculum materials
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Career Cluster Pathway Career Major
Health Science Support Services Project SEARCH