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Radiation Production and Characteristics
Content is designed to establish a basic knowledge of atomic structure and terminology. Also presented are the nature and characteristics of radiation, x-ray production, and the fundamentals of photon interactions with matter.
Lara Skaggs
-Describe Bohr's theory of atomic structure.
-Discuss the characteristics and function of a proton, neutron, and electron.
-Discuss the energy levels of the atom.
-Explain the processes of ionization and excitation.
-Define the terms related to atomic nomenclature.
-Describe the electromagnetic spectrum.
-Define and describe wavelength and frequency and how they are related to velocity.
-Explain the relationship of energy, wavelength, and frequency.
-Explain the wave-particle duality phenomena.
-Identify the properties of x-rays.
-Describe the process of ionization and excitation.
-Describe charged and uncharged forms of particulate radiation.
-Differentiate between ionizing and non-ionizing radiation.
-Describe radioactivity and radioactive decay in terms of alpha, beta, and gamma emission.
-Compare the production of bremsstrahlung and characteristic radiations.
-Describe the conditions necessary to produce x-radiation.
-Describe the x-ray emission spectra.
-Identify the factors that affect the x-ray emission spectra.
-Discuss various photon interactions with matter by describing the interaction, relation to atomic number, photon energy and part density, and their applications in diagnostic
-Discuss relationships of wavelength and frequency to beam characteristics.
-Discuss the clinical significance of the photoelectric and modified scattering interactions in diagnostic imaging.

Registered Radiological Technologist -

ARRT Radiography Core Curriculum

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Registered Radiological Technologist - ARRT

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