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Health Careers Education
Respiratory Care Sciences
This course is an integrated science course intended to teach the principles of physics, chemistry, biology and microbiology necessary for the understanding and application of respiratory care.
Cindy Schneider
1. Perform conversions within the metric system and between the metric and US standard units of measure.
2. Discuss the basic principles of atomic structure, states of matter, ion formation and bonding.
3. Explain the concept of density and specific gravity as well as calculating these values.
4. Demonstrate knowledge concerning the Gas Laws and their use in calculations related to respiratory care to include:
-Gay Lussac
-Henry and Graham
-Combined Gas Law
5. Discuss the factors that affectsoluability and calculate soluability and content of gases in solution.
6. Discuss and apply the laws of physicsrelated to fluid dynamics, flow and surface tension.
7. Apply the laws of physics to human ventilation and perfusion.
8. Discuss basic principles of organic chemistry as relates to respiratory care.
9. Demonstrate knowledge of basic microbiology, microbial disease and their application to respiratory care.

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