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Health Careers Education
Respiratory Therapy Procedures II & Lab
This is the second of two respiratory care procedures courses for the respiratory care student. It is designed to cover the theory and practice of more advanced respiratory care procedures which build upon those presented in Respiratory Therapy Procedures I. Included in this course are laboratory demonstrations and practice to prepare the student to be proficient in more advanced respiratory care skills. Each student will be expected to satisfactorily evaluate in a laboratory situation on the instructed skills before completion of the course.
Cindy Schneider

the ability to properly perform and interpret arterial blood gases.
indications, contraindications and hazards of airway suctioning.
proper procedure for airway suctioning.
the purpose of and and identify specific uses of pulmonary function
pulmonary function testing and to distinguish between the major patterns
of pulmonary disease and their severity
proper placement of electrocardiography leads and interpret normal and
various arrhythmias on rhythm strips.
the various artificial airways and perform proper insertion of the various
proper tracheostomy care.
the proper procedures for intubation and extubation.
the indications for and hazards of intubation.
the difference between pressure and volume ventilation.
the various modes, settings and alarms on mechanical ventilators.
the ability to set-up, operate and maintain a mechanical ventilator.
recommendations for changes in ventilator settings based on arterial blood
gas results, physical assessment and radiographs.
the indications for BiLevel ventilation
proper set-up and make appropriate changes regarding BiLevel ventilation.
the goals of patient education and the evaluation process for determining
the success of patient education.
- Explain the goals of health promotion
the various special procedures that relate to respiratory including
bronchoscopy, chest tube insertion, air transport of patients,
cardiopulmonary stress testing, cardioversion, conscious sedation, sleep
study, thoracentesis, percutaneous needle biopsy, and transtracheal

Respiratory Care
Therapists - NBRC

Respiratory Care Therapists - NBRC

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