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Health Careers Education
Safety for Long Term Care Nursing Aide
This course will provide instruction to enable the student to provide for the safety needs of clients/residents.
Cindy Schneider
-Demonstrate safe use of LTC facility chemicals.
-Identifying ways to promote a safe environment for the
resident in regard to preventing falls.
-Ensure correct identification of residents and staff.
-Check equipment for proper function and safety.
-Identify unclean and unsafe conditions.
-Report and take appropriate action concerning unsafe/unclean
-Demonstrate application of ordered restraints.
-Demonstrate proper safety procedures for an
immobilized resident.
- Applying principles of body mechanics and ergonomics.
-Identify environmental hazards.
-Provide patient with information on safety.
-Reinforce patient's education on safety precautions,
including patient's use of protective equipment to avoid injury.
-Evaluate the environment to recognize safe and unsafe
working conditions.
-Demonstrate methods of fire prevention in the healthcare
-Use proper safety techniques to prevent accidents and
to maintain a safe work environment.
-Explain an evacuation plan for a healthcare setting.
-Execute an emergency plan in response to a natural
disaster or other emergency.

Long Term Care Nurse Aide - CTTC

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Long Term Care Nurse Aide - CTTC
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