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Health Careers Education
Safety, Legal Issues & Quality Control
This course will enhance the student's knowledge of safety procedures as they relate to phlebotomy. This course provides the student with the knowledge and skills in maintaining the standard procedures necessary for a laboratory. This course will enhance the student's knowledge of legal and ethical issues to consider in the profession.
Cindy Schneider
Quality Control

-Perform quality control test.
-Determine specimen appropriateness
-Check for expired supplies
-Perform routine maintenance of equipment
-Perform routine calibration of equipment.
-Process patient history.
-Manage test results of equipment.

Safety Procedures

-Identify appropriate regulatory and standard-setting agencies.
-Use material safety data sheets.
-Practice universal precautions
-Practice infection control and isolation techniques.
-Recognize patient problems related to syncope, nausea, and other complications and take appropriate action.
-Follow facility fire and disaster procedures.
-Follow National Committee of Clinical Laboratory Standards (NCCLS) safety and equipment guidelines.
-Dispose of biohazardous materials following OSHA guidelines.

Legal Issues

-Recognize liability associated with the practice of phlebotomy.
-Practice AMA and AHA patients' bill of rights.
-Protect patient confidentiality.
-Function within the facility's scope of practice for a phlebotomist.

Registered Phlebotomy Technician - AMT Testing Services

Registered Phlebotomy Technician - AMT
Hoeltke, LB. The Complete Textbook of Phlebotomy (2006) Delmar ISBN: 1418010537.

Career Cluster Resources for Health Sciences

Handbook For Practical Phlebotomy Students (Detailed information for learning basic and advance phlebotomy and laboratory procedures)

Textbook: Garza, Diana; Becan-McBride, Kathleen, Phlebotomy Handbook, 7th edition, 2005, Appleton-Lange. (ISBN: 0131133349)
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