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Health Careers Education
Student Athletic Training Internship
Students will be provided a hands-on training experience with professionals in the field of athletic training. Clinical sites may include high school sporting events or practice or a clinical environment within a rehabilitative clinic. Mentors should be Certified Athletic Trainers who are licensed in the state of Oklahoma.
Lara Skaggs
1. Perform record keeping and administrative duties.
2. Develop an emergency and catastrophic management plan.
3. Evaluate and obtaining injury information using SOAP notes.
4. Provide basic patient care.
5. Demonstrate rehabilitation techniques.
6. Perform routine maintenance of equipment.
7. Obtain hands-on experience using the following therapeutic modalities:
- Thermo-Therapeutic modalities
- Cryo-Therapeutic modalities
- Hydro-Therapeutic modalities
- ElectricalStimulation modalities
- Cryo-kinetic modalities
8. Demonstrate taping and wrapping techniques in the following areas:
-Shoulder: shoulder spica and acromioclavicular joint separation
-Elbow, wrist and hand: elbow, wrist/hand, fingers, thumb
-Hip and thigh: hip spica/hip pointer, hamstring ,strain/contusion, quadriceps strain/contusion
-Ankle, lower leg and foot: Achilles tendon strain, closed basket weave, arch
9. Perform and describe various stretching techniques.
10. Perform proper crutch fitting, gait training and fitting protective gear.
11. Demonstration proper communication in the athletic training setting.
12. Demonstrate compliance with confidentiality, OSHA regulations and HIPPA.

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