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Surgical First Assistant Advanced Microbiology
This course is designed to provide a review and understanding of the impact of microorganisms in the surgical environment and the risks to the surgical patient. The course will review infection control, immune responses, and standard precautions.
Cindy Schneider
1. Analyze the results of methods of identifying microbes.
2. Compare and contrast the uses of the various microbes.
3. Compare and contrast the flora of the various anatomic regions of the body.
4. Assess the clinical signs of an infected wound.
5. Apply the methods for preventing contamination of a wound.
6. Analyze the principles of wound and cavity irrigation.
7. Apply microbiological principles to the surgical care of the immunocompromised patient.
8. Analyze characteristics of organisms and risks for surgical site infections (SSI).
9. Analyze antibiotic prophylaxis and therapy.
10.Outline special considerations of surgery on the immunocompromised patient.

Certified First Assistant - NBSTSA

Certified First Assistant - NBSTSA

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