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Health Careers Education
Surgical First Assistant Bioscience
This course is an introduction of various diagnostic testing procedures and basic interpretation such as laboratory values. The course will include wound management techniques, suturing techniques in the operating room, peri-operative care of special needs patients, specimen care, fluid and electrolyte balance, and thermal regulation. The student will be required to perform all didactic skills with 100% proficiency.
Cindy Schneider
1. Demonstrate the principles of wound management in the care of the surgical patient.
2. Apply knowledge of postoperative wound care and dressings.
3. Demonstrate knot tying and suturing techniques commonly used in the operating room.
4. Assess the factors unique to each type of special needs patient and apply the information according to the surgical procedure to be performed.
5. Determine the appropriate IV replacement therapy based upon the assessment of the pathology and patient's condition.
6. Assess the condition of the patient's skin and implement appropriate therapy.

Certified First Assistant - NBSTSA

Certified First Assistant - NBSTSA

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National Board of Surgical Technology and
Surgical Assisting

-Surgical Technology for The Surgical
-Alexander's Care of the Patient in
Textbook of Surgery
-Surgical Technology Series - MAVCC

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