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Health Careers Education
Surgical Patient Care
Upon completion of this course the student will be able to demonstrate patient care skills in the surgical environment. The course enables the student to develop techniques used to safely transport, position and prep the patient for surgery, and the proper care of surgical specimens. Students will apply these skills across the lifespan and to patients with complex needs.
Cindy Schneider
1. Identify the purposes of pre-operative routine.
2. Demonstrate skill in transporting and transferring patients safely.
3. Discuss methods for safely transferring patients.
4. Discuss characteristics of patients with special or complex needs.
5. Identify basic surgical positions and their variations.
6. Distinguish between types of equipment used inpatient positioning.
7. Identify antiseptic agents used for surgical skin preparation.
8. Demonstrate surgical skin preparation used for common surgical sites.
9. Discuss specimen care and handling techniques.
10. Demonstrate care and handling of specimens on and off the sterile
11. Demonstrate urinary catheterization
12. Demonstrate the ability to obtain baseline vital signs.
13. Identify the procedure for proper patient identification.
14. Discuss the biophyschosocial needs of the patient.
15. Discuss the issues of patient death and dying and how it impacts the
patient , their family and the health care staff.

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