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Health Careers Education
Surgical Pharmacology
This course familiarizes the student with the various drugs used in surgery and their administration. The student will demonstrate an understanding of basic anesthesia equipment, drugs and methods in order to function effectively in the surgical setting. Upon course completion the student may assist the anesthesia personnel if required.
Cindy Schneider
1. Calculate medication conversions and dosages.
2. Apply general terminology to medication use.
3. Identify commonly used drugs in surgery, their actions, indications and side effects.
4. Analyze the principles of anesthesia administration as well as be able to explain the necessity
of each component of anesthesia preparation of the surgical patient.
5. Compare and contrast methods, agents, and techniques of anesthesia administration and
6. Correlate anesthesia monitoring devices with patient homeostasis.
7. Explain anesthesia complications and interventions.
8. Prepare and manage medication and solutions.
9. Use medications in the care of the surgical patient.
Surgical Technologist - CTTC

Surgical Technologist - NBSTSA

Surgical Technologist Skill Standards

- Aligns with the Association of Surgical

Surgical Technologist (NBSTSA)

Technologist - CTTC
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