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Health Careers Education
Technical Anatomy
This course is designed to introduce the fundamentals of human anatomy and physiology. The course objectives will be presented in lectures, anatomy and physiology laboratory activities and computer software. The primary goal of this course is to provide core anatomy and physiology information upon which students may build further knowledge and skills in order to be able to render quality patient care.
Lara Skaggs
1. Demonstrate basic knowledge of body orientation.
2. Demonstrate basic knowledge of chemistry related to the human body.
3. Demonstrate basic knowledge of cells and tissue.
4. Demonstrate basic knowledge of the structure and function of the following body systems:
?Lymphatic & Immunity
Career Majors That Sequence This Course
Career Cluster Pathway Career Major
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Health Science Therapeutic Services Orthotics Technician
Health Science Therapeutic Services Orthotics/Prosthetics Technician
Health Science Therapeutic Services Pedorthics
Health Science Therapeutic Services Prosthetic Technician