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Health Careers Education
Therapeutic Exercise II
Therapeutic exercises related to children are presented. Developmental sequences and primitive reflexes are introduced. Students will be instructed in cardiopulmonary treatments including cardiac rehabilitation and chest physical therapy techniques. Practical application of these techniques will be practiced in the laboratory.
Cindy Schneider
Therapeutic Exercise I
At the completion of this course the student should be able to:

-Describe the primitive and righting reflexes and how they might be used in the evaluation and treatment of neurological disorders.
-Demonstrate and discuss the neurodevelopmental sequence and treatment techniques.
-Discuss cerebral palsy including causes and classifications.
-Demonstrate treatment techniques for pediatrics and adolescents with cerebral palsy, head injuries and muscular dystrophy.
-Discuss causes, characteristics and patient management of an assigned patient disorder requiring Physical Therapy.
-Describe the anatomy of the heart and circulation.
-Explain cardiac disease and conditions which affect the arteries and veins.
-Discuss cardiac rehabilitation programs including the goals and effects of exercise both long and short term on:
-Demonstrate techniques of cardiac rehabilitation along with review of monitoring vital signs.
-Identify structures and components of the respiratory system and describe respiratory physiology.
-Explain chest physiotherapy including methods, indications, contraindications, breathing exercises and function of coughing.
-Explain the therapeutic and biomechanical rationale for orthotics

Physical Therapy Assistant - FSBPT
Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy
Physical Therapy Assistant - FSBPT

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