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Transfemoral Prosthetics
The course is designed to build upon the knowledge and skills acquired in the previous two prosthetic courses. Socket position, knee components and their relationship to prosthetic feet in static alignment are important issues the student technician will experience and understand. Socket design and fabrication with various reinforcing materials will be a topic of instruction and application.
Cindy Schneider
405 743 5105
Orthotics and Prosthetics Equipment and Material; Transtibial Prosthetics or Evaluation by Instructor
Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

-Identify transfemoral prosthetic components and understand their application in the fabrication of prosthesis.
-Fabricate the transfemoral clear test socket.
-Apply reinforcement materials in the lamination processes involved in transfemoral prosthetics.
-Understand the use of wood materials in the construction of above knee prosthetics.
-Demonstrate the preparation of transfemoral molds for socket fabrication.
-Construct the transfemoral hip joint assembly and pelvic band.
-Fabricate the leather waist belt.
-Align and mount hip joint and its components to socket.
-Identify and understand the components of the alignment fixture use in transfemoral prosthetics.
-Perform bench alignment on the transfemoral prosthesis with its components.
-Perform the transfer of alignment procedure on the transfemoral prosthesis.
-Perform the lamination procedure on the socket of the transfemoral prosthesis.
-Perform trim and assemble procedures on the transfemoral prosthesis.
-Attach suspension and finishing componentry.
-Fabricate and attach Silesian Bandage.
-Use endoskeletal components to perform static alignment.
-Laminate a knee disarticulation socket using acrylic modified epoxy (AME) resin.
-Fabricate a soft cosmetic cover for a transfemoral prosthesis.
-Vacuum-form a flexible inner liner for a transfemoral suction socket.
-Laminate a socket using acrylic resin and carbon fiber reinforcement.
-Fabricate a rigid frame transfemoral socket with anatomical cut-outs.

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