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Transtibial Prosthetics
Students will be introduced to the fabrication processes involved in transtibial prosthetics. The student will begin to learn about wood, titanium and aluminum components, static and dynamic alignment, and the use of instruments to transfer alignment. Classroom learning will be reinforced with laboratory experience. Laminating with epoxy, acrylic and polyester resins along with many different reinforcing materials will be used. Applied mathematical skills needed to mix resins correctly will be taught.
Cindy Schneider
405 743 5105
Orthotics and Prosthetics Equipment and Material
Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

-Identify components that may be incorporated in transtibial prosthesis.
-Understand the basic principals of lamination and the materials that are used in the processes.
-Prepare a positive model for vacuum forming a clear-blister-formed check socket.
-Form a clear test socket using copolyester sheet plastic.
-Fabricate a polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) sleeve.
-Place the transtibial socket into a wooden extension block.
-Duplicate the transtibial alignment.
-Laminate a poyester resin socket and complete the transfer process.
-Shape and hollow out a transtibial prosthesis.
-Platen form a clear test socket using co-polyester sheet plastic.
-Duplicate the transtibial alignment.
-Laminate a polyester resin socket with pelite liner and complete the transfer process.
-Perform a finish lamination on a transtibial endoskeletal prosthesis with wooden attachment block.
-Platen form a clear test socket using a copolyester sheet plastic.
-Laminate a resin socket with shuttle lock and complete the transfer process.
-Shape a soft foam cover using the split foam cover method for endoskeletal components of the transtibial prosthesis.
-Contour, align and attach the side joints to a PTB socket.
-Fabricate, attach and finish a leather thigh corset for a transtibial prosthesis.
-Perform a bench alignment of a transfemoral prosthesis within a designated period of time.

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