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Health Careers Education
Vision Care Practice - Front Office
Students will apply the basic concepts and principles of vision care office practices and procedures with entry-level proficiency in the performance of duties in the administrative or front office.
Lara Skaggs
1. Demonstrate Understanding and Proficiency in all Front Office Procedures

-Demonstrate chart assembly.
-Demonstrate proficiency in insurance coding.
-Demonstrate a knowledge of telephone triage and messaging.
-Identify and demonstrate the ability to use professionalism.
-Identify different types of insurance.
-Identify and show proficiency in obtaining and checking authorizations from insurance.
-Demonstrate the ability to schedule appointments.
-Identify and demonstrate what collections are and how they are handled.
-Demonstrate understanding of follow-up appointments and recall procedures.
-Demonstrate an ability to inventory front and back office supplies
-Demonstrate understanding of the concept of patient privacy.
-Demonstrate understanding of telephone techniques.
-Demonstrate understanding in conflict resolution.
-Demonstrate basic understanding of insurance billing.
-Demonstrate understanding of the need for coordination of all members of the staff.

2. Demonstrate Knowledge of Patient Privacy Issues in Clinical Practice

-Define and describe key components of HIPAA.
-Describe protection of patient privacy.
-Identify who may sign a medical information release.
-Identify who may sign an informed consent form.
-Identify parties to whom information can be released.
-Identify parties to whom information cannot be released.
-Describe ethical concerns in clinical practice.
-Identify correct documentation of incidents (accidents, etc.) and reporting of incidents.

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--aligns with the JCAHPO Certified Ophthalmic Assistant
Joint Commission on Allied Health Personnel in
Ophthalmic Medical Assistant: An Independent Study Course, 4th ed.

The Ophthalmic Assistant, 7th ed. Stein & Slatt
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