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Biotechnology I
This is a course that will familiarize the student with common laboratory glassware, utensils, and equipment. They will become skillful at using micropipettes, centrifuges, autoclaves, pH meters, and microscopes. Laboratory safety and precision/accuracy with equipment will be emphasized. The course will provide students with applicable knowledge of the scientific method, preparation and staining of microscope slides, cell structure and identification, and preparation of chemical solutions. Aseptic technique will be covered as well as preparation of culture media and specimen handling protocols. The students will also be able to maintain a pure cell culture and test for microbial sensitivity. Isolation, amplification, and characterization of DNA and proteins will be covered. Throughout the course, advanced math skills will be used for scientific notation, significant figures, conversion factors, percentages, and creating and integrating graphs for laboratory analysis and reporting.
Tina Fugate
Becki Foster
Biology I
Chemistry highly recommended
Scientific Method

Laboratory Math

Scientific Notation

Significant Figures

Conversion Factors


Creating & Integrating Graphs for Lab Analysis & Reporting

Laboratory Skills & Methods

Preparation & Staining of Slides

Cell Structure Identification

Preparation of Solutions

Aseptic Technique

Preparation of Culture Media

Specimen Handling Protocols

Maintain a Pure Cell Culture

Test for Microbial Sensitivity

Laboratory Utensils & Equipment

Precision and Accuracy with Equipment

Laboratory Safety

Basic Biotech Knowledge

Isolation of DNA & Proteins

Amplification of DNA & Proteins

Characterization of DNA & Proteins

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