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Collaborative Research and Problem Solving
This course is designed to introduce students to the process of working collaboratively and interdependently in a team environment. Topics include communications, decision-making skills, conflict resolutions, interpersonal relationships, and group collaboration. Students work on problem-based projects that allow them to use research to draw conclusions to real world problems. In addition to team building students will gain an understanding of gathering and producing research based project. Student will understand the importance of copyright laws.
Becki Foster

Tina Fugate
� Understand the value of working in a team environment.

� Identify the stages of team building.

� Define the roles and responsibilities of each member of a team.

� Work effectively with others to reach a common goal.

� Recognize the challenges of teamwork.

� Identify how to overcome the challenges of teamwork.

� Demonstrate problem solving strategies to overcome the challenges of working within a team.

� Apply oral, written and listening skills in the team environment.

� Recognize and define problems.

� Identify strategies for solving problems.

� Demonstrate critical thinking skills collaboratively and interdependently for solving problems in the team environment.

� Analyze strategies used for solving problems

� Review and collaboratively discuss bear traps, pitfalls, victories and celebrations

� Draw conclusions between seemingly unrelated ideas.

� Identify the ethical use of resources

� Evaluate the effectiveness, validity, and relevance of conducting research.

� Define and interpret copyright law and fair use as it pertains to project work and classroom assignments.

� Create project documentation, articles, presentations, videos, etc. that do not violate the copyright and fair use laws.

Self Evaluation

Peer Evaluation

Project Evaluation

WorkKeys ( )
KeyTrain ( )

Essential Skills for Team Success. Workshop

What's Your Problem? Strategies and Solutions. Workshop

Disney Copyright Law Video

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