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EAST Capstone
This course will allow students to demonstrate the project management skills and strategies they have learned throughout their studies in EAST. Each student will be required to identify an individual or team project that impacts a community and develop the project from inception to implementation. In this context community can be defined as a school group, classroom, church, community, town, city, etc. Skills and knowledge is learned through project EAST courses.
Becki Foster

Tina Fugate
Introduction to Project Management
Interactive Technology & Digital Applications
Principles of Information Exchange
Collaborative Research & Problem Solving

Can be concurrently enrolled in:
Advanced Project Management
Technical Composition
Principles of Visual Communication
-Have an understanding of all capstone guidelines.
-Identify a community-based project that requires skills obtained in the prerequisite courses.
-Work individually or collaboratively to develop a project.
-Use brainstorming as a method for identifying problems and solutions.
-Understand the process for project planning and organization.
-Develop a project binder throughout the project planning, managing and implementation phases.
-Complete a project-planning document.
-Document the progress of the project from inception to implementation.
-Build a project timeline/calendar.
-Develop a project name and logo that reflects the main idea of the project.
-Design a cover page for project binder.
-Design page dividers for project binder according to project guidelines.
-Determine goals independently and collaboratively as a group for the identified project.
-Compile a list of contacts that are made throughout the project phases.
-Provide evidence of communication throughout the project (i.e., images, letters, thank you notes, drafts, emails, press releases, etc).
-Document project growth, such as rough drafts, screen shots, storyboards, etc.
-Maintain a list of hardware and software that is utilized throughout the growth of the project.
-Design a professional quality, tri-fold, promotional brochure that reflects the main idea of the project.
-Create a poster that reflects the main idea of the project.
-Be able to organize information in an appropriate format.
-Compile all documents into project binder in accordance to the project guidelines.
-Prepare a presentation or video that will be delivered to a small or large group.
-Be able to communicate thoughts, ideas, or facts in clear and concise manner.
-Use language, style, organization, and format appropriate to subject matter, purpose and audience.
-Perform a self and/or peer evaluation at the end of the project implementation phase.

Professional Development/Job Readiness

-Formulate occupational objectives.
-Complete a job application form.
-Create a professional resume.
-Review potential interview questions.
-Formulate responses to simulated questions.
-Participate in a mock job interview.

Electronic Portfolio

-Gather material for portfolio.
-Convert material to an electronic format.
-Be able to include a video and audio to the portfolio.
-Create professional quality electronic portfolio.
-Package electronic portfolio into a portable format.

The student will be graded on satisfactory completion of the learning activities, assignments, and project work designed around the knowledge and skills described above. This course is used to demonstrate mastery in the project management field through the completion of an advanced problem-based community project.

Project Binder

Project Evaluation

Self Evaluation

Peer Evaluation

Journal Entries

Direct Observation

Communication Evaluation

Employer Performance Evaluation

Electronic Portfolio


WorkKeys ( )

Completion of Electronic Portfolio

KeyTrain ( )

Oklahoma Workforce Job Readiness: Core I (Workshop)

Oklahoma Workforce Job Readiness: Core II (Workshop)

Digital Storytelling (e-Portfolio Workshop)

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