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Introduction to Project Management
This course provides an overview of the Project Management process of identifying, planning, managing and implementing problem-based projects. Students use state of the art hardware and software to solve real world problems affecting their schools and/or communities. This course will enable students to examine the fundamentals associated with the project management process. It is designed for a student who is responsible for creating and modifying project plans and who needs project management skills to manage those project plans.
Becki Foster

Tina Fugate
� Understand the importance of creating a plan for managing and implementing problem-based projects.

� Identify time management tools.

� Develop the skills needed to manage time effectively.

� Identify the process for creating a project plan.

� Describe the process for planning, managing, and implementing problem-based projects.

� Demonstrate the process for creating a plan for problem-based projects.

� Understand the importance of staying organized in order to properly manage projects.

� Utilize the brainstorming method for identifying problems and solutions.

� Apply the process for creating a project plan toward a problem-based project.

� Create a project plan that includes the necessary paperwork and documentation from the project planning guideline document.

� Complete the planning, managing, and implementing phases of the project planning process.

� Present a completed project plan to a small or large group.

� Express ideas and processes in a written and oral form.

� Perform a self-evaluation at the end of the project planning phase.

The student will be graded on satisfactory completion of the learning activities, assignments, and project work designed around the knowledge and skills described above.

Journal Entries/Evaluations

Self Evaluations

Project Evaluation

WorkKeys ( )
Brainstorming is a Mind Tool! (Workshop)

What's a Project? (Workshop)

Time Management Phase I: Tools & Techniques (Workshop)

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