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Lab Sciences Orientation 1
This course serves as an orientation to basic laboratory skills and knowledge used in a variety of laboratory careers. Students will become familiar with professional expectations of behavior and will participate in Career Tech Student Organizations. Students will participate in career field trips and community outreach.
Tina Fugate
Becki Foster
Comply with Campus and Program Administrative Requirements

Complete and turn in forms pertaining to enrollment.

Comply with campus and program rules and policies.

Explain program's grading criteria.

Maintain assigned personal inventory.

Participate in program Student Personnel Organization.

Describe the three areas of employment emphasized in the program.

Participate in School/Community Outreach and Careers Programs.

Participate in aptitude testing.

Participate in the adopt-a-school activities.

Participate in Career Tech Student Organizations.

Participate in activities of class chapter of Skills USA.

Demonstrate leadership potential as class officer.

Meet qualifications for Skills USA statesperson award.

Perform Housekeeping Quality Assurance Functions

Demonstrate proper dish washing technique for chemical glassware

List the errors that may be caused by unclean glassware.

List and describe the basic housekeeping items necessary to assure a

contamination-free lab environment.

Describe the disposal of laboratory clean-up materials and tools.

Identify the different types of detergents/ cleaners and their uses.

Describe the appropriate appearance of the laboratory and status of equipment

before exiting each day.

Identify and Use Common Laboratory Glassware and Utensils

Locate, collect and name the common glassware and metal utensils used in the

laboratory on a daily basis.

Set-up and describe the use of laboratory glassware and utensils including the

meaning of the abbreviation on the labware.

Perform Mathematical Operations

Perform basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division operations.

Manipulate whole numbers, fractions and decimals.

Apply problem-solving techniques to word problems.

Simplify basic algebraic equations to solve for x.

Determine area and volume of geometric forms.

Solve problems involving ratio and proportion.
Lab Technician Skill Standards

- Aligns with National Consortium on Health Science & Technology Education

Lab Technician - CTTC

Accountability Measures, Assessments, or Evaluation Procedures:

Lab Technician - CTTC

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People Who Took Chemistry, That's Who (video)

Books, Brains and Curiosity (video)
Career Majors That Sequence This Course
Career Cluster Pathway Career Major
Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics Science and Mathematics Laboratory Science Assistant
Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics Science and Mathematics Laboratory Science Technician
Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics Science and Mathematics Specialized Laboratory Science Technician