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Professional Support Skills
This course familiarizes the student with the formal maintenance of laboratory records in databooks, preparation of a resume and portfolio, graphing of chemical data and the use of computers and scientific literature.
Becki Foster

Tina Fugate
A. Demonstrate Audio/Visual Technology Skills.

B. Demonstrate Laboratory Record-Keeping Skills. (PASS)

C. Complete Required Reading/Writing. (PASS)

D. Demonstrate Professional Oral Communication Skills.

E. Format Professional Resume and Portfolio.

F. Identify and Demonstrate the Use of Basic Quality Performance Tools. (PASS)

G. Demonstrate Computer Operation Skills.

H. Demonstrate Use of Chemical Reference Literature. (PASS)

I. Demonstrate Appropriate Professional Behaviors
Lab Technician Skill Standards

- Aligns with National Consortium on Health Science & Technology Education

Lab Technician- CTTC
Chemistry by Wilbraham, A. C., Prentice-Hall, (2005).

Chemistry, 3rd Edition by Wilbraham, A. C., Addison-Wesley, (1993).

Chemical Technician's Ready Reference Handbook, 2nd Edition by Shugar, G.J., McGraw-Hill Publishers, (1981).

ChemTeC Modern Chemical Technology Guidebook (Revised Edition) by Recsok, R.L., American Chemical Society (1972).

Writing the Laboratory Notebook by Kanare, H.M., American Chemical Society, (1985).

Medical Laboratory Procedures by Palko, T. and Palko, H., Glencoe/McGraw-Hill Publishing, (1999).

Chemistry Problems, 3rd Edition by Newton, D.E., J Weston Walch Publisher, (1984).

Merrill Mathematics 4, Merrill Publishing, (1987).
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Career Cluster Pathway Career Major
Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics Science and Mathematics Laboratory Science Assistant
Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics Science and Mathematics Laboratory Science Technician
Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics Science and Mathematics Specialized Laboratory Science Technician