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Survey of Biotechnology
This course is designed to introduce students to areas and concepts involved in Biotechnology. Students will learn to apply scientific methods of study and concepts through research and hands-on experiments. This course will strengthen the students' knowledge of science and give them a better understanding of various biology, chemistry, and botany concepts. Students will attend field trips and seminars that will reinforce the need for biotechnology in today's workforce. They will also explore the ethics involved concerning biotechnology.
Tina Fugate
or Becki Foster
Biology I
A. Introduction to Biotechnology

1. Define biotechnology
2. List the steps in the Scientific Method
3. Prepare a laboratory report
4. Practice lab safety
5. Become familiar with terms associated with Biotechnology
6. Discuss the history of Biotechnology and its discoveries
7. Maintain a contaminant free experiment

B. Genetics

1. Become familiar with terms used in the study of genetics
2. Discuss the difference between Meiosis and Mitosis
3. Discuss genetic engineering and its uses
4. Make a model DNA molecule
5. Extract DNA from cells
6. Determine phenotype and genotype using the Punnet Square

C. Impacts of Biotechnology

1. Discuss the pros and cons related to the use of Biotechnology
2. Identify the impacts of Biotechnology through its results
3. Write a position paper directed toward an ethical issue within Biotechnology
4. Identify regulatory agencies involved in Biotechnology
5. Discuss career opportunities within Biotechnology
6. Determine the environmental impact of Biotechnology by experimenting with salt and plant growth
7. Hypothesize on the future role of Biotechnology

D. Biotechnology and Plants

1. Become familiar with terms used in plant Biotechnology
2. Discuss the uses of Biotechnology in plants
3. Discuss the impact of plant Biotechnology on agriculture and the economy
4. Perform micro propagation
5. Perform plant tissue culture

E. Biotechnology and Animals

1. Become familiar with terms used in animal Biotechnology
2. Discuss the uses of Biotechnology in animals
3. Identify the applications of animal Biotechnology
4. Write an opinion statement and debate an issue pertaining to animal Biotechnology

F. Microbial Biotechnology

1. Become familiar with terms used in microbial Biotechnology
2. Identify microorganisms used in microbial Biotechnology
3. Discuss the benefits of microbial Biotechnology
4. Discuss fermentation and its importance
5. Study microbial Biotechnology through the construction of a biodegradation experiment

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