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Technical Composition
Technical Composition is a course designed to improve the communication skills of students seeking a career in technical fields. Topics included in this course are writing reports, proposals, business correspondence, and making oral presentations. Students will develop professional writing skills that are necessary for success in the workplace.
Becki Foster

Tina Fugate
� Have an understanding of grammatical guidelines and rules.

� Have a mastery of various technical writing styles.

� Develop a range of writing processes appropriate to various writing style tasks.

� Be able to apply sound principles of layout and design in creation of finished document pages.

� Understand the historical value of summarizing thoughts in written form.

� Be able to constructively draw conclusions from written works.

� Understand the meaning and ramifications of plagiarism.

� Be able to create a written summary using original work.

� Compose effective sentences.

� Evaluate documents to be sure that they fulfill a stated purpose.

� Be adept at revision of documents.

� Select the appropriate format for presenting information.

� Present a summary of written work to a small or large group.

� Be able to write several specific kinds of documents that are used in the technical field including reports, proposals and business correspondence.

� Be able to communicates thoughts, ideas, or facts in a clear and concise written form.

� Have a functional understanding of the ethics involved in work related communications.

� Be able to organize information in an appropriate format.

� Exhibit a professional work and teamwork habits.

The student will be graded on satisfactory completion of the learning activities, assignments, and project work designed around the knowledge and skills described above.

Journal Entries

Article Presentations

Project Presentations

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