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Titration and Standardization
This course provides students the opportunity to explore the properties of concentrated base pellets, use concentrated bases and acids to make reagents, prepare primary KHP standards, and standardize reagents using manual titration and titration by pH meter.
Becki Foster

Tina Fugate
A. Demonstrate Knowledge of the Safety and Sample Preparation of an Autotitrator.

B. Explain the Operation of an Autotitrator.

C. Program and Use the Autotitrator to Analyze Solutions.

D. Perform Data Handling Operations for an Autotitrator.

E. Explain the Underlying Concepts of Standardization of Acids and Bases.

F. Describe the Safety and Usage Concerns Involved With Pelletized Bases and Concentrated Acids.

G. Prepare Reagents for Use in Standardization.

H. Perform Manual Standardization of Acids and Bases.

I. Perform Standardization of Acids and Bases Using a pH Meter.

J. Perform Blanks Analysis and Manipulate Resulting Analytical Data.
Lab Technician Skill Standards

- Aligns with National Consortium on Health Science & Technology Education

Lab Technician - CTTC

Lab Technician - CTTC

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