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Trade & Industrial Education
3D Character Design and Animation
In this course, students learn skills specific to creating 3D character models and character animation in the field of gaming. Emphasis is on advanced modeling techniques in the creation of seamless 3D character design, including head, body, clothing, animation concepts in facial expression, internal skeleton control, morphing, dialogue and lip sync, character posing and locomotion.
H.L. Baird
Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

-Use design techniques to produce a functional character design
-Use software to create a complex three dimensional character model
-Animate character models using key frame techniques
-Create functional and manipulative bones/frameworks within an existing character model
-Animate character models using bones/frameworks
-Create a professional animation using student created character

The total grade will be determined by daily grades, written exams, hands-on performance evaluations, projects, and demonstrated employability skills (i.e. attendance, self-management, attitude, responsibility, social skills, safety, teamwork, appropriate dress, etc.).


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